About Jerry and Kathy

Jerry and Kathy were destined to connect up on the dance floor. Before they found Swing, Lindyhop and Blues dancing they spend many years in Country and Western dance halls. When they did meet in 1999, Jerry had been swing dancing for almost a year and Kathy had just started. Kathy was taken by this man who wore ‘flashy’ pants and shirts while dancing. They soon became dance partners, although Kathy wished for more. She got her wish, when they were married in 2002.

Teaching and DJing came naturally when so much time was dedicated to something they really loved. It started with beginning classes and DJing at the Dallas Swing Dance Society dances. They also began getting interested in local clubs which featured blues artists such as Hashbrown and Sam Meyers. Soon, in addition to Swing and Lindy Hop they were “blues” dancing. They gained national recognition in 2001 when they competed in the Blues division at the American Lindy Hop Championships (ALHC) in Stamford, Connecticut.

In 2004/2005, Jerry and Kathy were among the first  national instructors for Blues dancing, teaching at Cheap Thrills, Down Home Blues, and their own event Red, White and Blues. That’s when blues events began to multiply around the country.

Also in 2005, Jerry and Kathy became the primary dance instructors for Sons of Hermann Hall in Dallas and have been teaching weekly swing classes there ever since.

Today, Jerry and Kathy are still very much in demand around the country for their fun style of teaching as well as Jerry’s exciting DJing skills.


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